Biggest Pet Peeve

This past summer I went to the grocery store with my dad and we were putting back our cart, but decided to leave it on the median. Yes, I understand that is very lazy behavior, but we had a very busy day and were feeling rather lazy. As I was climbing into the front seat and my dad was putting the cart back, this little old woman approached him. “Can I use your cart please?” she asked him. “Of course!” he replied and he began to hand over the car, “because that is my biggest pet peeve when people leave their carts out” she quickly snapped back. Since that event we have always put back our carts, but it has also turned into a little joke between the two of us every time we see something that could fall in the pet peeve category. Every so often I will send him a photo or will receive one with a cart in the middle of the street or something else along those lines. Here are some of our pet peeves:ImageImageImage