Welcome World

This is a blog that I have created to document my last semester of college and (theoretically) a long time after that. I love to craft, spend time with my family and friends, go on adventures, and of course bake and eat. While I am studying marketing, I would love to one day open up a small bakery and experiment with different recipes and flavors. I love to bake, but it definitely does get expensive and somewhat wasteful. By opening a bakery, I would be able to do all that I love without breaking the bank and overindulging on goodies that I would not want to waste. This past Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to try a few new recipes, including a chocolate chess pie, cranberry curd, and cranberry scones. Unfortunately, I made such a mess of the kitchen that I was unable to take any photos of the creations. Now that I have created this blog, I want to be able to share my projects and advice. I look at life like a roller coaster; we are already strapped in, going up the hill, there’s nothing we can do about it so we might as well rolllllllll with it!!!!

As a side note, I absolutely hate roller coasters and do get much anxiety on and around them…


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